My name is Bethany Mabee, and I am an abstract artist living in Peoria, IL. After residing in Chicago for most of my life, it wasn’t until I left the city that I found the time and space to really focus on my art. My paintings act as moving meditations and an anecdote to my monkey brain! I enjoy the improvisational nature of abstract painting. I let my paintings reveal themselves to me layer by layer. This process has strengthened my ability in and out of the studio to make choices that are guided by intuition rather than outside influences. Each painting I make reveals a story to me about my inner world at that time….while hopefully also offering freedom of interpretation for the viewer. I’m incredibly grateful to be able to create from a place of my own, and I love that abstract work allows the viewer a similar experience of interpreting a piece from a place of their own. Art can be a personal expression of creativity for the collector as much as it is for the artist!


My career path has been a winding one! After receiving a BFA in Graphic Design + Art History in 2001, I ended up taking a job with a textiles manufacturer in Chicago, IL. From there, I moved into logistics at an architecture firm in Chicago where I was lucky enough to be surrounded by some of the city’s most talented designers and the trade’s highest-end furniture + textile lines. I will always treasure my time being immersed in that industry because it strengthened my already present love for interior design. I’ve always believed in creating a sanctuary for yourself at home to stimulate whatever it is you’re in need of. Whether it’s calming neutrals or energizing pops of color, I believe that art, color and pattern can do wonders for your spirit. In a desire to maintain my large scale improvisational abstract process, while also wanting to create products to extend the life of my paintings, I decided to start a line of textiles. My patterns are created from small sections of my original paintings that are then repeated into patterns for both fabric and wallpaper.

I’m proud to work with two amazing family-owned workshops for both my fabrics and my wallpaper. My fabric is printed to order on the east coast with a company that uses only eco-friendly water based ink. Fabric is printed on a 100% oyster linen and all salvage and waste material is donated to their local school programs. My wallpaper is printed to order locally here in Peoria, IL with the same company that prints my limited-edition art prints. I’m so lucky to have a network of people that have made this extension of my art work possible!

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