"When painting, I feel guided by improvisation,” artist Bethany Mabee says. “What usually starts as something non-representational becomes a study of inner exploration.” Through her skill as a colorist, her strong compositions, and her juxtaposition of textures, the artist creates images that transform those inner explorations into vividly dramatic experiences. Working in acrylic and ink on canvas, she conjures up a physical sense of space and movement in her images, resulting in environments that come across as abstract, yet thoroughly real. 

Mabee notes that she is interested in “layers and contrasts,” and that interest gives her paintings their form. Balancing light and dark shades, she lets differences of tone create effects of light and shadow, giving her shapes a three-dimensional presence and a dynamic flow that leads the viewer’s eye through the image. The surface texture of her paintings adds another layer of complexity, with drips and swirls of paint arranged in a way that feels both spontaneous and perfectly orchestrated. Aiming for “ease in expression and creative inspiration” in her work, she successfully puts those elements together in each image.

Agora Gallery, New York, NY


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