Bethany paints from her studio in Peoria, IL inside a rehabbed millwork warehouse.  To book a visit, email



My paintings are guided by improvisation and begin without much conscious thought beyond a potential pallet.   They usually start as cheerful studies of color and end more authentically with dark places to snuggle into.  Each layer unintentionally evolves upon the next and grows into a layered composition that becomes a record of my current situation or state of mind, informed by my observational nature.   Once enough layers are formed, a more intentional process begins and I decide which layers to reveal or conceal, until I have eliminated any unrest in the piece.   Each painting has survived layers upon layers of messing up or starting over and have ended as proud best versions of themselves. 

I find similarities in the experience of my process to that of the human experience.  Primary themes that show up in my work are layers, contrasts and circular patterns. I am very interested in the layers that form us, both situationally and emotionally, and how they inform a conditioned and cyclical lens that we see ourselves and the world thru.  Much like my process, these layers evolve unintentionally, but form intentional reactions in what we decide to reveal or conceal, sometimes creating a strong contrast between our inner and outer worlds.   These interests play a strong role in my personal reflections of my work.  I hope that each viewer can have his or her own unique reactions.



After graduating with a BFA from Bradley University, a series of jobs led Bethany to a career within the interior design industry.  While painting privately in her home, she held a long-term position at Gary Lee Partners, a Chicago based architecture + design firm.   After working as their Furniture Procurement Director and overseeing installations for some of Chicago’s premier residences, she saw firsthand how artwork can transform a space.  This experience furthered her enthusiasm for art and interiors, becoming a stepping stone in her development as fine artist and textile designer.  

Bethany still sees the necessary marriage between art and a living space however her focus has evolved towards an emphasis in process.  



Julia Buckingham, Interiors Showroom, Chicago, IL 

"Layered", Group Show, Studios on Sheridan, Peoria, IL 

"CIAO Group Exhibit", Contemporary Art Center, Peoria, IL 

"In Good Company", Group Show, Peoria, IL 

"Amsterdam International Art Fair", Digital Presence, Group Show

"The Influence of Color", Group Show, New York, NY

"Cotton:Mabee", Group Show, Peoria Public Library, Peoria, IL 

"Group Exhibit", Houska Gallery, St Louis, MO 

"Bethany Mabee", Solo Show, Jefferson Street Gallery, Morton, IL

"Women in Art", Exhibit A Gallery, Peoria, IL 

"Bethany Mabee", Solo Show, Mashallah Inc., Chicago, IL 

"A Layered View", Solo Show, Art + Light, Greenville, SC 



Aesthetica Magazine, Artist Directory

ArtisSpectrum Magazine, Vol. 33, Feature Artist

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Saatchi Art, Curated Collection Participant 

Art Platform, NY, Feature Artist



Renegade Craft Pop Up Market, Hide Out, Chicago, IL, June 2016

Renegade Craft Fair, Wicker Park, Chicago, IL, September 2016 + September 2017

Renegade Craft Holiday Market, Bridgeport Art Center, Chicago, IL, December 2016

Renegade Craft Pop Up Market, Pilsen, Chicago, IL June 2017

Zion Makers Market, Peoria, IL July 2017