When you commission an original piece of art, you are getting more than a product.  Your are getting an expression of yourself and an expression of me. We work together  to create something that didn’t exist until we realized it and captured it. You are as  much a part of the process as I am, and, together, we will create something that truly  resonates.

Here’s how it works


What mood are you trying to achieve? Do you want something bold to make a contrasting statement? Or something more subdued and complimentary? Let’s start a conversation to determine your vision.

Room Images

I’ll ask you to provide me with some images of the space and/or surrounding materials. This will help you and I collaborate on the best palette options.

Palette Creation

Once we’ve determined what color families you want to highlight, I will custom mix a variety of colors and present three palette options for you to select and approve before I begin.

Composition Preferences

I’ll ask you to select some pieces from my existing work so that I can familiarize myself with what you are drawn to.

Dimensions and Orientation

I can make recommendations based on standard canvas sizes and your wall space, so that it’s catered to your room.


I love making two pieces simultaneously. It gives me freedom to express myself as I go with the flow. The good news is, that leaves you with the option to choose based on what resonates with you and your desires. You’ll receive images of two completed pieces within your palette and mood. Whichever one you choose is yours!

Client Example

This client provided the specific Benjamin Moore paint colors from their home along with images of the surrounding furniture to determine the color direction. Bethany created three palette options for them to choose from.

Color Pallette Option #1
Color Pallette Option #2
Color Pallette Option #3

The client was torn between two of the three palettes so Bethany represented both between the two paintings. In the end, giving the client the ability to make a selection based on their own gut reaction to the completed pieces!

Painting #1
Painting #2
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