Fabric by the yard

My patterns are created from small sections of my large-scale abstract paintings. By isolating small areas of a completed painting and digitally repeating them into their own patterns, my paintings are able to transition from improvisational self-expression, to the more intentional and universal expression of design! I love extending a painting’s life and potential in this way.

Luna Collection

Luna: the moon goddess associated with beauty, love, motherhood and creativity

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Melange Collection

Melange: a mixture, a melody

Like us, the Melange Collection is a mixture of many things that come together as a harmony. Its mixture of complementary tones offer a balancing act that is simultaneously grounding and energizing.

Fond Collection

Fond: Loving, affectionate

The Fond Collection is like a dose of vitamin C for your home! Using energizing yellows, reds and teals, these patterns become fun-loving, free-spirited pops of joy.

Fain Collection

Fain: gladly, willingly

There’s something about pink that feels like an optimistic friend. Pale pink can uplift in the most gentle of ways, while bright pinks uplift with more intensity and humor. The Fain collection is all about the loving energies of pink and magenta.

Metamorphic Collection

Metamorphic: a season of change

Green is a symbol of new beginnings and growth, while blues and violets offer ease and balance. The Metamorphic Collection emits tranquil vibrations of slowing down, with its large-scale repeats that seem to resemble rhythms of movement.

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